About Julie's Z Breads

Fresh, Local & Delicious

Julie’s Z Breads is committed to using the freshest, local ingredients to prepares its wide variety of traditional and gluten-free zucchini breads, loaves, muffins and cookies. Our breads and muffins are baked daily, and all online orders are baked fresh to order. Our breads are prepared with no preservatives, no chemicals, no additives, just natural high quality ingredients.

The History of Julie’s Z Breads

Julie Gross – Founder & Baker.

Julie began baking zucchini breads thirty years ago for her family, using the bountiful harvest of her husband’s garden. Each bread was marked with a large “Z” on the wrapper that allowed her family to identify them in the freezer. Her friends and family were always asking her to bake more zucchini bread for them. Julie developed recipes for several varieties in order to cater to each individual’s favorite taste. One day, her children suggested that she start her own zucchini bread business so that everyone could enjoy her Z-licious bread and Julie’s Z Breads was born. In her state-licensed in home commercial kitchen, Julie began to bake her now famous zucchini breads, offering them at local farmers markets and quickly being asked by farm stands and retail locations in the area to carry her amazing breads. In 2016 Julie’s Z Breads moved from Julie’s home kitchen to a brand new commercial bakery and retail location at 50 Main Street in Ashland, MA. With her expanded kitchen Julie continues to perfect new zucchini bread recipes with unique flavors that reflect the season and add new surprises for zucchini bread lovers like you!