Can I order a gift certificate online?2017-04-23T13:43:37-04:00

Yes, you may purchase a gift certificate in any amount to be either mailed to you or to the recipient.  At this time, we do not redeem gift certificates online – they are for use in our bakery in Ashland, Massachusetts. To give a gift of Julie’s Z Breads to someone special outside of our local area, you may purchase the actual zucchini breads or muffins online and ask they they be shipped to the recipient. We will enclose a personal note that you have composed along with the gift.

Does Julie’s Z Breads customize order for corporate events, weddings, showers, etc.?2017-04-23T12:01:37-04:00

Yes! Please contact us it’s your event details and we will work with you to create the perfect order.

When will my gluten free order be shipped?2017-04-23T12:00:12-04:00

We ship out gluten free orders on Mondays and Tuesdays.

How are your gluten free products prepared?2017-04-23T11:59:18-04:00

We are very proud of the quality, taste and safety of our gluten free products. Although we bake both wheat and gluten free breads in our kitchen, we adhere to very strict policies and procedures when baking out gluten free products to avoid cross contamination.  Our gluten free products are baked on our designated gluten free baking day, Monday.  We use dedicated equipment and utensils and our raw ingredients are dedicated to gluten free as well, from sugars down to the smallest spices.  Gluten free products are wrapped and sealed immediately and once wheat baking is begun for the week, no more gluten free baking is conducted.  We also use an air filtration system to further clean the air.  Our baking for the week concludes on Thursday and our kitchen is professionally cleaned and sanitized on Fridays, allowing for any remaining flour dust to be out of the kitchen by Monday again.  We regularly test the gluten levels in our products to assure they fall within the accepted levels.

I have a peanut allergy. Can I safely eat your zucchini breads and muffins?2017-04-23T11:46:43-04:00

Our kitchen is peanut free. We use no peanuts nor do we purchase any raw ingredients that state that they are manufactured in a facility that uses peanuts.

I have a tree nut allergy. Can I eat your nut free products?2017-04-23T11:44:55-04:00

We try our hardest to make sure our nut free products are truly nut free. While our kitchen is not nut free, we prepare and bake our nut free breads before the nut breads to avoid cross contamination. However, we always suggest that you use our own judgement based on your own nut sensativity.

Can my zucchini breads and muffins be ordered without nuts or chocolate chips?2017-04-23T11:42:21-04:00

Yes – just make a note when placing your order that you do not want those items added.

Can your products be frozen?2017-04-28T21:11:35-04:00

Absolutely! Wrap them in aluminum foil or place in a freezer bag. When you are ready to eat it, thaw at room temperature and it will taste just as delicious as the day they were baked.

Do I need to refrigerate the zucchini breads and muffins?2017-04-23T11:39:12-04:00

We typically say no unless you live in a very warm climate and your home is not air conditioned

How long do your products stay fresh?2017-04-23T11:37:35-04:00

Seven to ten days when stored in an airtight container after opening. We recommend eating your delicious zucchini breads shortly after they arrive for best taste and quality.

When will my order be shipped?2017-04-28T21:10:38-04:00

We ship most orders within 48 hours of receiving the order (exception – gluten free. Please refer to the gluten free FAQ’s). However, we do not ship at the end of the week as we do not want your delicious zucchini breads to sit in a delivery distribution facility on a weekend or Monday holiday.