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Julie’s Z Breads bakes a full assortment of gluten free mini loaves and muffins.


Julie’s Z Breads offers a vast variety of flavors available in full size loaves, mini loaves and muffins.

I can’t wait for my GF girl friend and her family (first holiday with the potential future in-laws) to try your breads and muffins! I was blown away by how good they are 🙂 – a rarity for GF baked goods I have tried.

Shawn S.

“Oh my gosh! The zucchini bread is even better than I remembered! Thank you so much- I can’t wait for my kids to try it (if there’s any left when they get home).”

Betsy P.

We love the gluten free breads! They are my sons new favorite treat! His favorites are the double chocolate, banana chocolate chip and the regular gluten free zucchini bread! We are so thrilled to have found such a great bakery that offers “safe” treats for my son! We buy them from our local muffin shop and we order online (they ship really fast and fresh!) We love them! 🙂

Jennifer W.

My favorite is the Mexican “Hot Chocolate” Zucchini Bread but I work my way through the flavor spectrum with a new loaf each week. In addition to fantastic, delicious zucchini breads, these are wonderful people.

Now that there is a physical location I can go to, once the farmer’s market season is up, I can still get my fix!

Chris D.

Love love ALL your muffins! And so does my toddler — he LOVES them for breakfast!!

Lauren G.

LOVE Julie’s Z Breads! The customer service there is always wonderful and accommodating and the breads are so yummy! Our favorites are the carrot zucchini and the banana chocolate chip zucchini!

Renee B.

Best Zucchini bread EVER!!! My mom and I ordered a variety of different flavors and we can’t decide which one is our favorite because they’re all so good! Thank you so much Julie, it was a pleasure meeting you and your husband this weekend! We will definitely be ordering more soon!

Kristi S.